Fei Liu

These are fast-paced times, with life in cities changing rapidly, but more and more women are feeling stressed and lost in order to catch up with the changing rhythm. But every woman always has a certain hidden “unchanged” quality in her heart, whether it is the unchangeable pursuit of dreams, or the unchanging confession of herself, it is these inner “unchanged” that give women the motivation to move forward, and the sense of security based on the world. This season, the Platinum Guild International invited Fei Liu, a Chinese jewellery designer, to jointly create a platinum jewellery series called “Heart Window”, supplemented by the unchanging quality of platinum natural pure white, condensing the “unchanged” in the heart of a woman into a precious mark.

Graduated from Birmingham College of Art and Design. Winner of several international jewellery design awards and owns the brand “Fei Liu Fine Jewellery” that bears his name. The platinum jewellery “Heart Window” collection was inspired by designer Liu’s journey back to the Forbidden City. Those ancient windows once had bright eyes of classical Chinese beauties, and the court changed their lives, but they kept the heaven and earth inside this window unchanged. It was these ancient windows and the women who persevered inspired the designer to design this set of platinum jewellery inspired by the “window”. Once Chinese women stayed at home, the “window” became a bridge for them to communicate with the outside world. At the same time, the “window” also symbolizes the window of a woman’s soul, and when faced with the fickle world of the “window”, she will feel stressed and uneasy. Liu hopes to use the eternal platinum to remind women to always look at themselves “inside the window”, because every woman has her own unchanging inner essence, and having that “unchanged” can make her life more exciting.

Platinum’s new “Heart Window” series confirms that women do not change.

Natural white platinum never fades, allowing a piece of jewellery to shine with a unique glow for a long time, while its tough, hard-wearing texture is easy to create in a variety of styles, and because of these outstanding qualities, platinum can be perfectly matched with other gemstones (diamonds, pearls, etc.). The new platinum “Heart Window” series is shaped by graceful lines, and each edge is like the outline of the heart. Lined with eternal and unchanging platinum, never fading platinum condensed into the window of this woman’s heart, just as the change contains the invariance, rare and precious, is the best keepsake to confirm the unchanged woman’s heart