Fei Liu

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This year’s Royal Ascot will take place Tuesday 15 – Saturday 19 June.

Ascot released its 2021 style guide, focusing on sustainability and pre-loved items, “Synonymous with individual style and setting sartorial trends, this year’s 10th Anniversary Royal Ascot Style Guide also celebrates sustainability and the art of conscious shopping as it launches for 2021.”

The beauty of jewellery is the emotion behind it. It can bring back memories of a person, a time in life or a mood. Jewellery can mean many different things and the memories it evokes is irreplaceable.

To inspire guests with what to wear to the Royal Ascot this June, we have put together a collection of signature jewels that enhance individualism and sparkle in everyone.

Whispering Collection

Bold, bright and striking!

Inspired by the twisting, sculptural shape of the exotic Orchid flower, each piece features filigree detail, sculptural settings and deeply coloured gemstones; creating a dramatic and striking look.

Magnolia Collection

Contemporary, effortless and sleek.

A silver collection that captures the natural and elegant beauty of the magnolia flowers in the contemporary jewels.

Rose Collection

Timeless, classic and regal.

Inspired by the classic English Rose, the Fei Liu Rose collection is a playful twist on classically feminine jewellery.

Iridiana Collection

Modern, simple and elegant.

Expertly crafted in sterling silver, the Iridiana Collection is a symbol of hope and unity. It derives from the Greek word, which means “rainbow”. The beautiful simplicity of its swirl form captures the essence of the rainbow in monochromatic jewels.

Limited Edition

Special, meaningful and one-of-akind.

Special fine jewellery pieces that stand out from the rest and are very special one-of-a-kind designs that need a special place to shine! All the gemstones are specially hand-picked for our limited edition pieces, therefore they cannot be replicated and none will be the same as yours.

Carpe Diem

Celebratory, opulent and fiery.

Light up the room like a mesmerising firework display. Perfect for parties and celebrations, the Carpe Diem Collection brings a touch of old-style Hollywood glamour to contemporary pieces.