Fei Liu


The Extraordinary

Fei's bespoke Gothic Rubellite Neckpiece with pink sapphires and diamonds.

Gothic Rubellite Necklace and Earrings Set

Dramatic and striking, this gothic creation features a combination of vibrant pink and red gemstones, symbolising the essence of passion. Expertly crafted in 18ct rose gold, the collar takes on a three-dimensional hollow structure with an intricate twist and openwork design, creating a delicate balance between lightness and shadows. This meticulously crafted piece gracefully encircles the décolletage, thanks to the thoughtful design of the articulated collar.

The rose gold frame is artfully enhanced by the rich pear-cut rubellite, set amidst undulating waves of pink sapphire and subtle glimmers of brilliant diamonds, adding a touch of intensity and sophistication to the ensemble.

Imperial Wave Ring

Radiating opulence and classic charm, the sapphire diamond ring oozes luxury. Named ‘Imperial Wave,’ this ring captures the essence of water’s power and grace with its fluid platinum sculpture and stunning array of precious gemstones. The abstractly configured waves, comprised of brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds, elegantly encircle a deep blue 10ct unheated sapphire.

Waterfall Neckpiece

This custom piece draws inspiration from waterfalls. The dynamic energy of cascades comes to life through the tranquil movement of sparkling blue sapphires, delicate diamond clusters, and translucent jade. The fusion of conventional materials with cutting-edge technology beautifully captures the harmonious blend of Eastern and Western influences.

Ruby Helix Ring

The meticulous design and craftsmanship of the ‘Ruby Helix Ring’ spanned eight months. At its centre is a 10ct unheated Mozambique ruby, surrounded by a swirling frame of 18ct white gold adorned with 5ct hand-cut white diamonds. This exceptional piece has earned a place in the renowned jewellery specialist Joanna Hardy‘s book, entitled Ruby.

Queen of Rubellite Ring

Enveloped in a lavish cloak of sapphires and diamonds, the ‘Queen of Rubellite’ showcases a resplendent 29ct rubellite at its centre. Only the most brilliantly coloured tourmalines earn the classification of rubellites, and this ring features a striking example of such vibrancy.

Medusa Ring

A passionate red rubellite tourmaline takes centre stage in this bespoke Medusa ring, alluring in its colour and bold in its style. Crafted from 18ct white gold, the ring showcases a 30ct rubellite embraced by weaves of black and white diamonds.

Upon closer inspection of the Medusa ring, one can unveil the enchanting heart motifs intricately entwined to cradle the vibrant rubellite tourmaline.