Fei Liu



Discover the sparkling stories of from our wonderful collectors. 

At Fei Liu Fine Jewellery, we believe that every piece of jewellery holds a unique story. Each gemstone, each precious metal, and every exquisite design has the power to evoke emotions and create memories that last a lifetime. We want to share with you some lovely testimonials from our cherished collectors, who have experienced the magic of our jewellery first hand.

Fei is one of the most creative and innovative designers in the world and the jewellery represents this.
Marcus H.
My husband bought these for me…I am so lucky. This is my 3rd item of your jewellery. Thank you for designing such lovely jewellery. xx
Gwyneth R.
The earrings are fabulous! Pictures don’t do them justice.
Jeanette C.
Thank you so much for arranging the quick delivery of the Cascade ring it arrived today and I love it.
Delyth M.
The more I wear his work, the more I love it, and I feel like I have been magically lightened. The piece he created for me is one of my favourites, and his jewellery will witness and accompany more women in their wonderful lives.
Jenny J.
My Cascade Collection has grown, I’ve also added some of the Shooting Star range and a couple of Snowflake charms. Safe to say I’m addicted to the brand; it’s so, so pretty.
Sharon T.
It looks fantastic.
Tony K.
Very glad that I received the Russian Nephrite Rat Necklace from you. Wonderful thing. Thank you for your excellent service.
Galina B.
I was bought your beautiful Allure 18ct white gold pearl earrings along with the matching necklace as a wedding present to wear on my wedding day off my dad.
Alex H.
Thank you for fixing my mum’s ring. It’s a great weight off her mind knowing it was taken on by someone we know and trust.
Amber & Sheila
These earrings are beautiful thank you – I love them!
Vanessa W.
They are so beautiful! So worthy to have these rings for our wedding.
Stacy K.
The kunzite pendant arrived and is lovely. Thank you.
Thea G.
The pearl necklace is a unique, creative, spectacular design of nature that couldn’t be more beautiful. I I am absolutely thrilled with it. I love it! Thank you.
Ann T.