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Fei Liu Fine Jewellery held a campaign throughout the summer to give their retailer the opportunity to showcase a broader range of the brand’s product.

During the summer season, British brand Fei Liu Fine Jewellery launched their campaign ‘Summertime by Fei Liu’, which gave their retailers the opportunity to showcase a broader range of award-winning pieces. Retailers with the strongest sales would be awarded the two prizes ‘The Grand Sizzler’ and ‘SPF Fantastic’, which would be announced at IJL.

The prizes were as follows, ‘SPF Fantastic’ which included a bottle of whiskey, the new garnet range from the Shooting Star Collection and gift vouchers to spend on Fei Liu Fine Jewellery. The winner of the top gong ‘The Grand Sizzler’ would win afternoon tea in London, a bottle of bubbly, the new garnet range from the Shooting Star Collection, as well as gift vouchers to spend on the brand.

On the day of the announcing the winners, Fei Liu Fine Jewellery’s stand was surrounded by a sea of eager anticipation, as their director

Fei Liu, thanked retailers for their participation, “Firstly, we would like to say a great thanks to our friends. We have been blessed with our retailers who have taken part in our lovely campaign. They have supported us tremendously.”

The ‘Summertime by Fei Liu’ campaign showed strong sales, with retailers investing in new products. Jonathan Lambert, Lavenham, collection the ‘SPF Fantastic’ prize for the most items sold, whilst Biagio the Jewellers, Thame, picked up the grand prize ‘The Grand Sizzler’ for the highest sales of the campaign.

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