Fei Liu



Garnet is a captivating gemstone renowned for its rich and diverse colours, intriguing history, and powerful symbolism. It belongs to a family of minerals known as silicates and is composed of a combination of minerals, primarily including pyrope, almandine, and spessartine. With its deep red hues being the most popular, garnet also exhibits shades of orange, yellow, green, brown, and even rare blue.

Throughout history, garnet has held a special place in various cultures and civilizations. Its name is derived from the Latin word “granatum,” meaning pomegranate, due to its resemblance to the luscious red seeds of this fruit. Ancient Egyptians prized garnet for its protective properties, while the Greeks associated it with fiery passion and referred to it as “carbuncle.” In medieval times, garnet was believed to possess healing and rejuvenating properties, protecting its wearer from harm.