Fei Liu


Eponymous brand Fei Liu Fine Jewellery are expanding their silver jewellery portfolio with the new Star of Love collection.

Entitled ‘Star of Love’, the new collection builds on the brand’s sales trend, which has seen the blue topaz become the favoured stone amongst their consumers. The youthful design targets the more fashion-conscious clients, those who seek affordable pieces with the quality of luxury jewellery. The silver collection, which is inspired by the Polaris star, is composed of pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings.

The pieces within the Star of Love collection currently fall into two shapes: the Mini Star and North Star. Both of which are set with custom ‘kite cut’ natural topaz, which has been cut for especially for this collection. The North Star is not only elegant in shape but has a hint of iridescence with the inset mother of pearl.