Fei Liu


Size Guide

Open / Adjustable Rings

The rings for some of our collections come with open rings. For example, the Snowdrop and Shooting Star collection include open rings, which means the rings can be self-adjusted a size up or down. The table below shows the conversion of our open ring sizes. For fixed rings, please refer to ‘Rings‘ further down the page.

SizeUK, Ireland, Australia


Measure your ring size at the end of the day when fingers are at their largest. Then, consider the width of the band. A particularly thick band will feel tighter than a thin band, therefore you may want to buy a full size larger than your normal ring size. Furthermore, ensure that your ring sizer fits comfortably, snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

Diameter (inside mm)Circumference (inside mm)UK, Ireland, AustraliaUS & CanadaJapanSwissHong Kong
14.344.8F 1/23 1/455.257
14.545.5G3 1/28
14.746.1G 1/23 3/466.50
15.147.4H 1/24 1/47.75
15.348.0I4 1/2810
15.548.7J4 3/49.00
15.749.3J 1/25911
15.949.9K5 1/410.00
16.150.6K 1/25 1/21012
16.351.2L5 3/411.75
16.551.8L 1/261112.7513
16.752.5M6 1/41214
16.953.1M 1/26 1/21314.00
17.153.8N6 3/415
17.354.4N 1/271415.2516
17.555.0O7 1/4
17.755.7O 1/27 1/21516.5017
17.956.3P7 3/4
18.156.9P 1/281617.7518
18.357.6Q8 1/4
18.558.2Q 1/28 1/21719
18.758.9R8 3/41920
18.959.5R 1/2918
19.260.1S9 1/420.2521
19.460.8S 1/29 1/21922
19.661.4T9 3/421.5
19.862.1T 1/2102023
20.062.7U10 1/42124
20.263.3U 1/210 1/22222.75
20.464.0V10 3/4
20.664.6V 1/2112325
20.865.2W11 1/425
21.065.9W 1/211 1/22426
21.266.5X11 3/427.5027
21.467.2X 1/21225
21.667.8Y12 1/428
21.868.4Z12 1/22628.75
22.069.1Z 1/212 3/429

Bracelets & Bangles

Chain bracelets: Our bracelets come in a standard length of 6 inches with a 2-inch extension.

Bangles: Most of our bangles are available in small and large. Please check the individual product pages for sizing.


A majority of our chains are 18 inches (16 inches with a 2-inch extension). The chain lengths are indicated on the product pages.