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Whispering Filigree Openwork Cushion and Pearl Drop 18ct Pendant


Exuding an essence of opulence and sophistication, the Whispering Collection epitomises the embodiment of femininity and glamour through its rich palette and exquisite design. Drawing inspiration from the sinuous, sculptural allure of the exotic Orchid flower, the Whispering Open Work Cushion and Pearl Drop Pendant showcase a meticulously crafted openwork cushion in luxurious 18ct yellow gold adorned with dazzling diamonds. Elegantly suspended from an 18-inch chain, this resplendent pendant features a peacock pearl drop, adding an extra touch of refinement to its allure.

  • LxW: 30mm x 18


Whispering Jewellery

This signature collection draws its inspiration from the captivating beauty of the exotic orchid flower, capturing the essence of its delicate curves and vibrant hues and transforming them into breath-taking, precious jewels. Each piece in the Whispering Collection is a testament to Fei Liu’s keen artistic vision. The orchid’s graceful silhouette is meticulously translated into intricate designs that dance with elegance and femininity. The collection boasts a harmonious blend of organic shapes, creating a seamless marriage between nature’s beauty and the artistry of fine jewellery. The Whispering Collection embraces a diverse palette of colours, mirroring the orchid’s rich spectrum. Gemstones in soft pinks, deep purples, and subtle greens are carefully selected to mimic the natural hues of these enchanting flowers. The play of light on these gems mimics the delicate whisper of petals in the wind, creating a symphony of shimmering colours.

Weight5.7 g
Dimensions30 × 18 mm



Chain Length

Standard 18''


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