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Topaz, Diamond and Briolette Amethyst 18ct Gold Pear Drop Earrings


Add a pop of colour to your look with vibrant gems from Mother Nature. These drop earrings feature two gems, one pear-cut topaz and one briolette amethyst, interspersed with a dazzling diamond. Each gemstone harmoniously exhibits beauty within a delicate 18ct white and yellow gold setting.

  • LxW 32 x 14.2mm

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1 in stock

Multi-Colour Gemstone Earrings

Adorn your ears with the exquisite allure of multi-colour gemstone earrings, a dazzling testament to the beauty of diversity in the world of jewellery. These earrings are a harmonious symphony of various vibrant gemstones, each contributing its unique hue to create a mesmerising palette. Whether it’s the wine reds, the lush greens, or the regal purple and blues, these earrings encapsulate the spectrum of nature’s brilliance. The careful arrangement of these gemstones, often set in intricate settings, not only adds a touch of glamour but also imparts a sense of individuality to the wearer. Multi-colour gemstone earrings are a celebration of diversity, a kaleidoscopic expression of style that effortlessly elevates any ensemble and reflects the wearer’s vibrant personality.

Weight4.1 g
Dimensions31 × 14.2 × 15.9 mm



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