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Star of Love Pearl Disc Set


The Star of Love is a symbol of home. Through all of life’s adventures and obstacles, the stars guide us back to home – a place with the heart’s deepest affection. The shimmering Star of Love Pearl Disc pendant and earrings comprise of custom ‘kite cut’ blue topaz. sparkling cubic zirconia and inlaid mother of pearl set in rhodium plate on sterling silver.

  • Natural topaz jewellery set.
  • Special ‘kite cut’ topazes.
  • Natural mother of pearl.
  • Star jewellery.
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Star of Love

The Star of Love series is inspired by the Polaris – the brightest star of the constellation of Ursa Minor. It is not only a symbol of love, but also signifies the blessing and expectation of love. The Star of Love series features the birthstone of November, the natural topaz, which is a symbol of bravery and freedom. For this series, Swarovski specially hand cut individual topaz into a custom kite cut, four of which have been skilfully inset into each piece to represent the Polaris.

Weight1.81 g


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