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Spring Willow 0.25ct Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Engagement Ring


Introducing the epitome of elegance and romance, behold the Spring Willow 0.25ct Engagement Ring. This exquisite piece showcases a sterling silver band adorned with sparkles of cubic zirconia intricately woven into the the shoulders of the ring. At its heart lies a 0.25ct square cut diamond, meticulously chosen for its brilliance and clarity. Inspired by the delicate beauty of pussy willow, this enchanting ring captures the essence of nature’s grace and everlasting love. A symbol of timeless devotion, this square cut diamond engagement ring is sure to leave her breathless and forever cherished.

  • Size K1/2

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Spring Willow Silver Bridal Collection

Embrace the enchanting allure of the Spring Willow Bridal Collection, where the delicate branches of the pussy willow unfurl like a poetic dance heralding the arrival of Spring—a season teeming with promise and the blossoming of eternal love. Witness the ethereal transformation of these branches, tender symbols of the changing seasons and the magical commencement of a shared journey in matrimony.

This collection draws inspiration from the resilient yet supple essence of the willow branch, an eloquent metaphor for the enduring strength of a union that gracefully sways with the gentle winds of life, never breaking under the weight of challenges

Weight2.2 g
Dimensions5.17 × 19.8 × 22.95 mm