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Ruby Diamond Halo 18ct White Gold Drop Earrings


A pair of contemporary halo ruby drop earrings ring. Each featuring a central oval cut ruby, beautifully framed with a floral halo set with diamonds in 18ct white gold.

  • Rubies 3.06ct
  • Diamonds 0.558ct
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Ruby and Diamond Jewellery

Ruby and diamond jewellery is a type of fine jewellery that features both rubies and diamonds as its primary gemstones. Rubies are a type of precious gemstone that is known for their deep red colour, while diamonds are prized for their sparkle, clarity, and durability.

In addition to their striking beauty, ruby and diamond jewellery also hold significant meaning and symbolism. Rubies are said to represent love, passion, and energy, while diamonds are often associated with purity, strength, and eternity. Together, these gemstones create a powerful and enchanting combination that is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or other important celebrations.

Weight2.7 g
Dimensions30 × 14 mm




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