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Red Tourmaline, Ruby and Diamond 18ct Gold Twist Drop Earrings

As unique as the centre stones themselves, these gem-set earrings have been meticulously designed to be truly unparalleled, making them a cherished treasure that cannot be replicated. Each pair of earrings features a singular 4-carat red tourmaline, handpicked for its exceptional quality and individual beauty, ensuring that no two earrings are ever alike. With their distinctive variations in hue and inclusions, these tourmalines possess a character all their own, making each pair of earrings a truly bespoke piece of art.

The ribbon swirl, gracefully encasing the radiant tourmalines, elegantly frames the tourmaline, guaranteeing that every twist and curve is a bespoke work of art. The incorporation of 0.151 carats of scintillating diamonds and 0.766 carats of ravishing rubies further adds to their uniqueness, as the arrangement of these gemstones is carefully considered to enhance the overall harmony and balance of each earring.

  • Size (LxW): 45 x 16mm
  • Weight per earring: 6.8g

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Red Tourmaline, Ruby and Diamond Jewellery

Red tourmaline and ruby are two gemstones known for their stunning red hues and timeless beauty. Red tourmaline, also known as rubellite, displays a range of crimson tones, symbolising love and emotional healing. Ruby, the “King of Gemstones,” boasts a fiery red colour representing passion and prosperity. Diamond, the ultimate symbol of luxury, dazzles with its brilliance, signifying eternal love. The famous phrase “diamonds are forever” aptly encapsulates the gemstone’s enduring nature, representing eternal love and commitment.

Weight13.6 g
Dimensions45 × 16 mm


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