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Multi-Colour Tsavorite and Diamond 18ct Gold Ball Necklace


A 16″ fine box chain necklace adorned with free-hanging pavé gem-set spheres. Crafted in 18ct gold, it features seven diamond pavé spheres, three green tsavorite pavé spheres, and one sphere encrusted with diamonds, blue tsavorite, and purple tsavorite.

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Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite, a striking green gemstone, was discovered relatively recently in 1967 by Scottish geologist Campbell Bridges in Tanzania. However, its commercial potential was only realised in the early 1970s when deposits were found in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park, from which the gem derives its name. Recognised for its vibrant green colour and exceptional clarity, tsavorite quickly gained popularity in the gem market, rivalling emeralds. Its formation dates back to over 2 billion years ago, during the Precambrian period, when specific geological conditions allowed trace amounts of vanadium and chromium to infuse the garnet, giving it its distinctive hue. Despite its late discovery, tsavorite has become highly sought after in the world of fine jewellery, admired for its beauty and rarity.

Celebrated for its stunning colour and exceptional clarity, tsavorite is featured in many of Fei Liu’s rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Its vibrant hue and remarkable lustre make it a perfect centrepiece, symbolising prosperity, vitality, and the beauty of nature. Owning tsavorite jewellery is not just about possessing a beautiful accessory, but also appreciating the unique qualities of this extraordinary gemstone.

Weight4.8 g
Dimensions405 × 6 mm



Chain Length

16" chain