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Lily of the Valley 0.25ct Diamond 18ct Gold Engagement Ring


Experience the enchantment of love with our Lily of the Valley 0.25ct engagement ring. Crafted in 18ct white gold, this exquisite piece showcases a 0.25-carat diamond at its centre, radiating with brilliance and symbolising everlasting devotion. The delicate petals surrounding the centre stone evoke the beauty of the Lily of the Valley in full bloom. The cascading shoulders, also embellished with shimmering diamonds, add a touch of elegance and sophistication. With its graceful design and timeless allure, this 18ct gold engagement ring celebrates love’s eternal bond, offering a symbol as extraordinary as the love it represents.

  • Size K

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1 in stock

1 in stock

Lily of the Valley Bridal Collection

Explore our exquisite Lily of the Valley Bridal Collection, a perfect blend of British elegance and timeless romance. Our meticulously crafted rings capture the enchanting beauty of the lily of the valley, symbolising purity and love. With intricate floral motifs and exceptional craftsmanship, each ring becomes a bespoke masterpiece. Immerse yourself in a world where every detail signifies a promise for a lifetime, and gift the enduring beauty of love. Discover the magic of our Lily of the Valley Collection – a seamless fusion of British sophistication and eternal love, ensuring your special day is celebrated with a symbol as unique as your bond.

Weight2 g
Dimensions5.44 × 19 × 22.8 mm