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Jasmine Stud Earrings


A luxuriously iridescent collection featuring classic gemstones expertly crafted into a floral silhouette. Add a touch of sophistication to your everyday style with the Jasmine earrings comprising the iridescent mother of pearl and beautifully bordered with shimmering cubic zirconia set in sterling silver.

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The Jasmine Collection includes a range of pieces to suit any occasion, from delicate earrings that can be worn everyday to a statement necklace that will make you the centre of attention. Each piece is designed to be worn individually or together, allowing you to create a look that is uniquely yours.

At the heart of this collection are the lustrous mother of pearls, which radiate a soft, natural iridescence. Each mother of pearl is carefully hand-cut and polished to reveal its unique beauty and and snuggly fit into the floral form.

Adding to the elegance of this collection are sparkling cubic zirconia stones, meticulously cut and faceted to catch the light from every angle. Set in sterling silver, these stones complement the softness of the pearls and add a touch of glamour to each piece.





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