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Halo Necklace


Immerse yourself in maritime luxury with our Halo Necklace, where a resplendent series of graduated cubic zirconia commands attention amidst meticulously crafted halo adorned with more cubic zirconia dazzle, evoking the allure of the sea’s cresting waves. Crafted from sterling silver, this necklace exudes refined elegance, reminiscent of a yacht navigating the ocean’s depths. Each twist of the halo embodies the beauty of nautical ropes, adding a touch of maritime charm. Adorn yourself with this necklace and be whisked away to a realm of adventure and enchantment, where every glance at your neckline unveils a tale of seafaring romance—a timeless homage to the enduring allure of the sea and the endless horizons it beckons towards.

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Step into the nautical world of the Halo Collection, where the elegance of the sea meets the brilliance of fine craftsmanship. Inspired by the beauty of the ocean, our Halo jewels capture the essence of nautical charm with exquisite silver circles adorned with intricate rope detailing. From earrings that whisper of ocean breezes to rings that echo the strength of the sea, from bracelets that embrace the rhythm of the waves to necklaces that shimmer like moonlight on water, each piece is intricately crafted to evoke the feeling of setting sail on a serene voyage. Shimmering cubic zirconia accents add a touch of celestial sparkle, reminiscent of stars guiding sailors on their nocturnal journeys. Embrace the allure of the sea and adorn yourself with the timeless elegance of our Halo Collection, where every piece tells a story of adventure and maritime mystique.

Weight9.1 g
Dimensions485 × 10 mm




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