Fei Liu

Gem-Set Ribbon Bow Brooch


Tie up your outfit with a bedazzled ribbon bow. The classic bow motif is conveyed through a feminine sculptural silhouette and vibrant coloured gemstones

Blue Cubic Zirconia
Green Cubic Zirconia

Ribbon Bow Tie Brooch

The feminine charm of the bow evokes love, longing, and remembrance. The bow has been a popular motif and finishing touch in jewellery and fashion from distant past. Bows appeared in jewellery as early as Roman times, possibly originating with the practice of tying a string around the finger to remember something or someone. The lover’s knot is a complex design of woven wire, symbolising love, friendship and affection. It is a variation of the bow knot, adapted from sailing knots. In modern times, a lover’s knot is given as an engagement ring or in marriage – to tie the knot.

Weight12.7 g
Dimensions38 × 44 × 15 mm


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