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Emerald, Diamond Halo and Sapphire 18ct Gold Drop Earrings


An exquisite fusion of timeless sophistication and contemporary allure in two-tone 18ct gold. In a graceful cascade, each earring elegantly embellishes the ear with a mesmerising sequence of three resplendent deep blue sapphires, meticulously interspersed with scintillating diamonds, set in 18ct white gold.

The distinguishing feature that renders these earrings truly exceptional lies in the captivating focal point adorning the lowermost 18ct yellow gold segment of each cascade – the precious octagon-cut emerald. Encircling the emerald, a scintillating halo of diamonds elevates the allure of this extraordinary centrepiece.

  • Size (LxW): 22 x 8mm
  • Weight of each earring: 2.4g

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Trilogy Harmony Earrings

Embark on a journey of enchanting hues and dazzling radiance with our trilogy harmony earrings. This splendid earring duo combines the timeless allure of emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires, meticulously fashioned to strike a harmonious chord of sophistication.

Nestled at the core of each earring, a resplendent emerald gemstone emanates a lush and captivating green tone, embodying renewal and flourishing beauty. A luminous halo of diamonds encircles the emerald, expertly designed to catch and reflect light from every angle, enhancing the gem’s innate luminosity.

Gracefully framing this central spectacle, a cascade of deep blue sapphires evokes the serene expanse of the night sky, invoking feelings of tranquillity and refined elegance. These sapphires complement the vibrancy of the emeralds and the brilliance of the diamonds, resulting in a compelling composition.

These earrings are a testament to the consummate craftsmanship of skilled jewellers who have masterfully blended three distinct gemstones into a singular design, encapsulating luxury and refinement. Whether worn to make a bold statement at an upscale gathering or cherished as a daily reminder of beauty’s enduring charm, these earrings pay homage to the captivating allure of emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires. With every glimpse, you’ll be transported to a world where these gems reign supreme, captivating hearts and minds in true British elegance.

Weight4.8 g
Dimensions22 × 8 mm



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1 in stock