Fei Liu


Dawn Two-Stone Stacking Ring


These ethereal rings from the Dawn Collection are meticulously designed to capture the captivating beauty of the coral reef, boasting an array of textured details that evoke the mesmerising allure of underwater formations. Feel the essence of the ocean wrapped around your finger as you explore the intricate textures adorning these stacking rings. The delicate grooves and undulating patterns are reminiscent of the coral reefs’ graceful dance, creating a tactile experience that will transport you to a world of underwater wonders. With every touch, you’ll be reminded of the tranquillity and harmony found beneath the ocean’s surface.

Designed to be worn alone or stacked together in perfect harmony, these rings offer limitless possibilities for expressing your individuality. Create your own underwater-inspired masterpiece by combining different gemstone colours and textures, allowing your imagination to roam freely.

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With the inspiration from Coral forming the sculptural essence of this collection, the look is edgy and dramatic. Winning the Kayman Award in 2007 has set this collection to be Fei Liu’s signature look. Boldly creating texture and shape, the Dawn Collection captures the essence of natural form and moulds it into elegance and refined luxury. Featuring pearls and gemstones, Liu has dramatically redefined the more classic feel associated with pearls, into an exciting and vivid collection.

Weight2.5 g
Dimensions1.5 × 20 × 27 mm


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