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Clarice Princess Diamond Eternity Ring


The Clarice Full Diamond Ring is a statement of everyday luxury and elegance, featuring a beautiful ensemble of 16 hand-selected princess cut white diamonds. With a total carat weight of 4.80ct, this ring is a true statement piece. Each diamond is exquisitely set in 18ct white gold, allowing the beauty of the stones to shine. We carefully source only lab-created diamonds for every piece, ensuring not just brilliance but also sustainable origins in line with our values. Whether worn as a captivating centrepiece to an after-dark look or as a luxurious accent for every day, the Clarice Full Diamond Ring is a timeless statement of beauty.

  • Ring size N (6.75 US)
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Clarice Collection

Chic and sophisticated, with a focus on symmetry – this Art Deco-inspired collection showcases emerald-cut diamonds in various shades – white, pink, blue, and yellow – intricately placed with flawless white diamonds in 18-carat white gold. These remarkable designs, comprised of intricate patterns, serve as precious charms – offering a comforting sense of consistency.

Colormond x Fei Liu

Fei Liu’s collaboration with Colormond has given rise to a truly magnificent collection that elegantly intertwines artistic ingenuity with ethical sourcing, celebrating the diverse and dynamic lives of women from all walks of life. Drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving nature of icebergs, the collection encapsulates the essence of these natural wonders in every meticulously crafted piece. This partnership epitomises a seamless blend of innovation, sustainability, and sophistication, offering jewellery enthusiasts a vibrant range of fancy lab-grown diamonds in a stunning colour spectrum to adorn themselves with the beauty of nature.

Please note that jewellery from this collection is in limited stock. You are more than welcome to backorder with our make-to-order service, this service can take between 4-6 weeks. For any enquiries, please contact feel free to contact us.


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