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Citrine and Diamond Halo 18ct Gold Drop Earrings


Crafted in 18ct yellow gold and adorned with sparkling diamond halos. Behold the mesmerising fusion of octagon-cut and emerald-cut citrines, radiating in hues of warm yellow-orange, totalling 6.65ct in weight. Each precious citrine is tenderly embraced by delicate diamonds, totalling 0.539ct, adding a sun-kissed touch to this citrus ensemble.

  • Size (LxW): 32 x 11mm

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Citrine Jewellery

Citrine jewellery emanates a golden glow, symbolising abundance and vitality. Ranging from pale lemon to deep amber hues, citrine gems dazzle in traditional and contemporary designs alike, adorning rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets with their sun-kissed presence. Whether set in yellow gold or rose gold, citrine captivates with its versatility and elegance, complemented by diamonds or other gemstones for added allure. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, citrine is cherished for its metaphysical properties, believed to attract prosperity and positive energy. Each piece of citrine jewellery becomes a beacon of warmth and optimism, inviting wearers to embrace its luminous charm and manifest their aspirations with style and grace.

Weight4.4 g
Dimensions32 × 11 mm