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Aurora Sparkle Pear Studs


A must-have piece in your jewellery wardrobe, the Aurora Sparkle Studs blend simplicity and brilliance. These exquisite stud earrings feature a pair of hand-selected 0.50ct pear lab-grown diamonds that glitter in a sleek bezel setting. Capturing the essence of understated elegance, the Aurora Sparkle Studs are effortlessly wearable and always charming. The minimal and thoughtful design ensures all focus is on the diamonds, allowing their inherent beauty to take centre stage. These studs encapsulate the idea that true elegance lies in the power of simplicity. A timeless, love forever piece.

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Aurora Collection

From water to ice, from brightness to darkness – The Aurora Collection pays homage to the ever-evolving facets of nature, embodying the very essence of life. Drawing inspiration from Victorian refinement, dainty water droplet patterns embellished with fancy-cut pink, blue, and yellow diamonds gracefully intertwine with exquisite brilliant-cut white diamonds, all elegantly set in 18-carat gold. These pieces are designed to commemorate the cherished milestones already reached and those yet to come.

Colormond x Fei Liu

Fei Liu’s collaboration with Colormond has given rise to a truly magnificent collection that elegantly intertwines artistic ingenuity with ethical sourcing, celebrating the diverse and dynamic lives of women from all walks of life. Drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving nature of icebergs, the collection encapsulates the essence of these natural wonders in every meticulously crafted piece. This partnership epitomises a seamless blend of innovation, sustainability, and sophistication, offering jewellery enthusiasts a vibrant range of fancy lab-grown diamonds in a stunning colour spectrum to adorn themselves with the beauty of nature.

Please note that jewellery from this collection is in limited stock. You are more than welcome to backorder with our make-to-order service, this service can take between 4-6 weeks. For any enquiries, please contact feel free to contact us.

Weight0.9 g
Dimensions8 × 6 × 16 mm

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