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Aurora 0.15ct Diamond Plain Halo Diamond Shoulder Platinum Engagement Ring


Aurora bridal collection. An ethereal design inspired by the mesmerising northern lights. It is delicately sculpted, illustrating the beautiful and spontaneous movement of the light that floods the night sky. Delicately crafted in platinum, this ring features a centre 0.15ct diamond, beautifully framed by a platinum halo with shoulders illuminated with even more sparkling diamonds.

  • Size L (leading edge)

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1 in stock

Aurora Bridal Collection

Behold the ethereal beauty of the platinum bridal ring from the Aurora Bridal Collection, a celestial masterpiece that mirrors the enchanting dance of the northern lights. Crafted with unparalleled precision, this symbol of eternal love captures the essence of the aurora borealis in every facet and curve. The platinum band, a shimmering canvas, reflects the icy glow of the Arctic night, while the meticulously set diamonds emulate the kaleidoscopic hues that paint the northern sky. As the light caresses the ring, it unveils a breath-taking symphony of colours, reminiscent of the celestial ballet that graces the polar heavens. This unique creation not only adorns the hand but also whispers tales of celestial romance, encapsulating the magic and wonder of a love that, like the northern lights, knows no bounds and illuminates the darkest of nights.

Weight2.1 g
Dimensions18.4 × 5 × 22.19 mm

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