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Aquamarine, Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Trilogy Ring


Something blue to add to your gorgeous jewellery collection. The Platinum Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Ring — a symbol of opulence and refinement. This extraordinary piece features a 3.149ct aquamarine as its centrepiece, surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds that enhance its allure. The sides boast clusters of sapphires and diamonds, totalling 0.60ct and 0.418ct, respectively. Expertly set in platinum, known for its durability and rarity, this ring is a masterpiece that transcends time. It’s not just a piece of jewellery but a perfect fit for those of us who appreciates the finer things in life — a treasure capturing the essence of luxury and celebrating timeless elegance.

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Trilogy Ring

This exclusive collection of rings is a wonderful tale of opulence and celebrate the journey of love in the most luxurious fashion. This exclusive trilogy captures the essence of romance through three resplendent gemstones, each marking a distinct chapter in the story of enduring commitment and timeless elegance.

The first stone, radiant and singular, stands as a luminous tribute to the initial spark of love. A symbol of the promise and passion that ignited the journey, it encapsulates the foundation upon which an extraordinary bond is built.

Moving gracefully to the second stone, the narrative deepens with a pair of complementing gems on either side. These stones represent the shared experiences, growth, and unwavering commitment that define the present—a testament to the enduring harmony found in a committed partnership.

The grand finale unfolds with the tiny sparkles on the border—a dazzling culmination that crowns the trilogy. This stone signifies the future, a celebration of the enduring commitment, resilience, and the unwritten chapters that await in the journey ahead. The trilogy ring captures the essence of a love story that evolves, perseveres, and transcends time.

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