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Angelic 0.5ct Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Engagement Ring


Elevate the promise of forever with our Angelic Engagement Ring—an exquisite embodiment of timeless love and celestial beauty. At its heart lies a brilliant 0.5ct cubic zirconia, a radiant symbol of the purity and clarity that defines your commitment. Enveloping this centrepiece are layered halos of dazzling stones, each facet capturing the essence of a celestial aura, amplifying the ring’s ethereal allure. The magic continues as gleaming shoulder stones cascade down the band, like stardust falling from the heavens, creating an entrancing play of light and shadow. Uniquely, the bottom shank of the ring is squared-off for maximum comfort. Illuminate your commitment with this extraordinary ring that captures the very essence of your shared promise—forever brilliant, forever enchanting.

  • Size L

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Angelic Bridal Collection

Discover the celestial embrace of the Angelic Bridal Collection, a testament to the ethereal beauty of love. Inspired by the divine concept of halos, this collection features gem-set halos that encircle the wearer with an otherworldly glow, casting a radiant aura that mirrors the celestial allure of heavenly bodies. Meticulously crafted, each piece is a delicate dance of precious gems symbolising enduring commitment, fidelity, and eternal renewal. More than just jewellery, the Angelic Bridal Collection is a poetic expression of romance, inviting brides to radiate an angelic glow as they embark on the journey of a lifetime. Illuminate your path to forever with these heavenly jewels, creating a luminous legacy that transcends time and captures the essence of love meeting the divine in a symphony of dazzling halos.

Weight2 g
Dimensions8.47 × 19.5 × 25.95 mm