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18ct White Gold Opal and Diamond Drop Earrings


A pair of opal earrings with stunning colour of play. At the heart of each earring lies a captivating duo of boulder opal clusters, radiating an otherworldly iridescence that evokes the mystical essence of the cosmos. These precious gemstones, sourced with great care, boast a kaleidoscope of captivating colours, ranging from enchanting blues and greens to fiery oranges and reds, mirroring the ever-changing hues of a celestial dance.

Each boulder opal cluster is delicately framed by a halo of scintillating brilliant diamonds, adding an enchanting brilliance that enhances the opals’ natural beauty.

  • Size (LxW): 25mm x 11mm
  • Weight per earring: 2.9g

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Opal and Diamond Jewellery

Opals, with their entrancing play-of-colour, stand as nature’s artistic masterpiece. These iridescent gems display a constantly shifting dance of hues, reminiscent of galaxies twirling in the night sky. Set against the backdrop of gleaming metals, opals cast a bewitching enchantment that captures attention from every perspective.

Complementing the opals are the enduring diamonds, renowned for their unrivalled brilliance and fire. Each diamond is meticulously chosen to ensure exceptional clarity and cut, maximising its ability to refract light and create a captivating display of twinkles. The contrast between the opalescent opals and the scintillating diamonds results in a visually arresting and harmonious composition.

Our opal and diamond jewellery range showcases an array of designs, from timeless to modern, catering to diverse tastes and occasions. From opulent opal and diamond necklaces that grace the neckline with sophistication, to opal and diamond earrings that frame the face with elegance, every piece is a masterpiece that speaks to the wearer’s individuality.

Weight5.8 g
Dimensions25 × 11 mm




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1 in stock