Fei Liu



The Evaline Bridal Collection embodies a timeless symbol of love and commitment with its intricately crafted twisting bands of precious metal, symbolising the intertwining essence of intimacy within the sacred bond of marriage. Crafted in luxurious platinum or gold, this exquisite pieces of Evaline radiate strength and opulence, symbolising the enduring power of love and the longevity of romantic unions. The entwined strands form a cyclical ring, symbolising the boundless nature of love and marriage. The three-dimensional, rope-like appearance not only signifies the robustness and durability of the relationship but also serves as a resilient knot capable of withstanding life’s challenges. Enhanced by a brilliant cut diamond, the design achieves a perfect balance of strength and delicacy, complementing its twisted wedding band counterpart and the thicker twisted gents wedding band seamlessly, creating a stunning ensemble that speaks volumes about enduring love and commitment.