Magnolia Threader Earrings

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  • Magnolia Threader Earrings


    Fei Liu captures the natural and elegant beauty of the magnolia flowers in the contemporary jewels of the Magnolia Collection. Each piece is given the craftsman’s artistic touch with the dual-finish petals of satin and high polish. Effortlessly style your outfit of the day with the soft sparkles of the adjustable Magnolia threader earrings.

    • White rhodium plating increases the durability, lustre and light reflection of a piece of jewellery.
    • 8 hearts and 8 arrows cut cubic zirconia – highest quality cut with 28 more facets than the standard cubic zirconia, which allows more light for a diamond-like sparkle.
    • Threader earrings are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust in length.
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