Fei Liu

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Our Values

1. Design Value

Every creation begins with an idea, and that idea can change and evolve as imagination heightens. A phrase Fei always says is, “Design is a process.” No truer word during the fundamental stage of design.

Our surroundings and experiences inspire us to create unique jewels that speak to the wearer and become part of them. With each design, we look to push the boundaries of colour theory and celebrate the beauty of individuality.

2. Artisanal Value

Our jewellery is multi-dimensional, sensuously formed, richly coloured and textured with an artistic finish. Each piece is designed to sparkle with every movement and from every perspective. Thanks to new technology we can bring our intricately detailed designs into real-life wearable art forms. However, no piece of jewellery is complete without the finishing touch of the traditional craftsmen, who add the artistic finish and set each stone to ensure our jewellery becomes an everlasting treasure to love and gift.

3. Material Value

Across each design is a deliberate choice of gemstones and metal to evoke a beautiful contrast of, yet complementary, colour and tone, giving it the aesthetic of Fei Liu. Unique in look, yet timeless in design, our creations enrich the individuality of the wearer.

4. Emotional Value

While jewellery is a vehicle for Fei’s self-expression, each piece of jewellery is also intended to bring more beauty, meaning and emotional fulfilment to people’s personal and professional lives.

5. Cultural Value

We vet suppliers and fabricators to ensure that they fulfil our cultural values – how, where and by whom the jewels were fabricated. In an ideal world, jewels are created in an environmentally responsible manner by people who work in safe conditions, are paid fairly and have employee or national health care coverage.