Fei Liu


In a monthly look at the industry, Jenny McDermott hits the catwalk shows at London Fashion Week.

One of the most exciting weeks in fashion and retail during February is Fashion Week, with its runway shows, celebrities, glitz and glamour. Jacob Kimmie, one of London Fashion Week’s new designers, featured jewellery pieces by Chinese-born designer Fei Liu, 2007 Kayman Award winner, in his show.

There was a strong input of gold in the jewellery featured in the show. Out of the 20 outfits worn on the catwalk, Liu had two pairs of earrings and two necklaces, with the majority 22ct gold plated and some silver.

“Jacob and I were adamant about not using white gold because it’s been around for far too long,” says Liu. “It’s time for gold to come back.”

Liu, whose company Fei Liu Fine Jewellery is based in Birmingham, wanted the jewellery to complement the dresses shown on the runway and worked closely with Kimmie to decide on the vision and atmosphere that would be conveyed to the audience.

Fei Liu’s bold and unique pieces are what have won him two first place awards and ten awards altogether, and these qualities draw Kimmie into involving his jewellery in his show. He was looking for “something big, something dramatic,” says Liu.

“In the future, I still want me jewellery to be described as dramatic and big but wearable,” he admits. “I think I’m giving a new look to British jewellery and trying to give a new meaning by not being too conservative.”

The start of incorporating jewellery into fashion shows is a sign of the future, Liu predicts. Retailers should look out for more jewellery to be shown on the catwalks and more consumers asking for their favourite piece shown on this season’s runway.

“If you look at the industry, there’s starting to be a mixture of designing clothes and jewellery. scale-wise. technical-wise and ever material-wise,” says Liu.