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  • 18ct Three Colour Gold Red Enamel Rose Brooch


    Rose brooch with red enamel and Russian nephrite roses, set in 18ct rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

    • Three colour gold brooch.
    • Rose inspired jewellery.
    • Nephrite is a form of jade which is composed of jade and actinolite. It is slightly softer than jadeite (the other form of jade), but tougher and more resistant than jadeite because nephrite has a denser structure.
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    ‘Bird in Heaven’ Pearl Diamond Sapphire 18ct White Gold Brooch


    ‘Bird in Heaven’ brooch with 27mm South Sea pearl, red enamel and 3.58ct white diamonds set in 18ct white gold. 0.45ct black diamond and 2.83ct blue sapphires set in black rhodium plate on 18ct white gold.

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  • 18ct White Gold Baroque Pearl 2-In-1 Pendant Brooch


    Pendant/brooch convertible with 42.5ct baroque pearl, 0.92ct blue sapphire and 0.5ct white diamonds, set in 18ct white gold.

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  • 18ct White Gold Rubellite, Diamond and Ruby Brooch


    10.71ct rubellite brooch with 1.01ct diamonds and 0.89ct rubies, set in 18ct white gold.

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  • Cascade Brooch


    Sunkissed shimmers of weaving cubic zirconia, denoting the strength and flow of water. The iconic Cascade Collection is available in an assortment of sizes and colours to offer jewellery lovers the perfect sparkle to light up their unique personalities. Each gemstone is set by hand to sustain the sculptural form of the statement Cascade pieces.

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