Fei Liu


Rubies, with their fiery brilliance and rich history, have captivated jewellery enthusiasts for centuries. Known as the “King of Gems,” rubies are revered not just for their stunning beauty but also for their symbolic significance, representing passion, protection, and prosperity. Let’s explore some of the most iconic ruby pieces that have left an indelible mark on the world of jewellery.

The Burmese Ruby Tiara

One of the most famous ruby pieces is the Burmese Ruby Tiara, a cherished part of the British Royal Family’s collection. Commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973, this exquisite tiara was made by then crown jeweller Garrard and features 96 Burmese rubies set in the heraldic Tudor Roses motif, complemented by dazzling diamonds. The rubies were a gift from the people of Burma (now Myanmar).

The Graff Ruby

The Graff Ruby is a legendary gem known for its exceptional colour and clarity. This 8.62ct cushion-cut ruby, set in a platinum ring surrounded by diamonds, was discovered in Burma in the 20th century. Its striking pigeon blood red hue, the most sought-after colour for rubies, has made it one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Laurence Graff, the renowned jeweller, acquired this ruby and it has since become synonymous with luxury and rarity.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby Necklace

Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor was known for her extravagant jewellery collection, and her ruby necklace, a gift from her third husband, Mike Todd, is among the most famous pieces. The necklace, created by Cartier, features a series of cushion-cut rubies surrounded by diamonds, with a magnificent central ruby that commands attention. Taylor’s love for this piece was evident, often seen wearing it at glamorous events, further cementing its status as an iconic ruby jewellery piece.

The Red Emperor Necklace

Designed by Anna Hu, the Red Emperor Necklace is a modern masterpiece that showcases the timeless beauty of rubies. This stunning necklace features a 104.51ct Burmese ruby, surrounded by white diamonds and smaller rubies, all set in platinum. The piece draws inspiration from the grandeur of Chinese imperial jewellery, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. It was sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale for $9.9million USD.

The Queen of Bhutan’s Ruby Earrings

The Queen of Bhutan, Jetsun Pema, is often seen wearing exquisite ruby earrings that reflect the elegance and cultural heritage of Bhutanese royalty. These earrings, featuring rubies set in intricate gold designs, highlight the importance of rubies in traditional Asian jewellery. The deep red stones, combined with the intricate craftsmanship, create pieces that are both timeless and culturally significant, embodying the queen’s refined taste and the enduring allure of rubies.


Rubies continue to enchant and inspire, their rich red hues and historical significance making them a favourite among royals, celebrities, and jewellery aficionados alike. From the regal Burmese Ruby Tiara to the modern brilliance of the Red Emperor Necklace, these iconic ruby pieces exemplify the unmatched beauty and timeless appeal of the “King of Gems.” Whether worn for their beauty, symbolism, or as a statement of luxury, rubies remain a cherished treasure in the world of fine jewellery.