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Fei Liu's bespoke Green Tourmaline Feather Neckpiece sketch.

Design is a process - Fei Liu

With over 15 years of experience in creating bespoke jewellery, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with clients across continents to tailor jewellery to enhance their individuality. From rejuvenating heirlooms to designing a completely new piece, we create a design journey with you and inspired by you.

Scroll the gallery below to see the variety of bespoke jewellery we have created, ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches.

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Upon agreement with the design, a 50% deposit is required. The production time is dependent on the complexity of the design. Please bear this in mind when contacting us for bespoke work.

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Emerald Bloom

Emeralds are one of the four stones considered precious in the gemstone world. Today we showcase one of our custom designs from 2017 for one of our lovely clients.

Abloom with a verdant 7ct emerald, gently cushioned with shimmering petals of white and yellow diamonds. This floral ring beautifully personifies the vibrant personality and elegance of our client. We also designed a matching pair of earrings, which we will share another day because they deserve their own time to shine.


Passion red rubellite tourmaline. Seductive in colour and bold in style. A bespoke Medusa ring crafted in 18ct white gold featuring a ravishing 30ct rubellite entwined with black and white diamond-set weaves. Have a look closer at the Medusa ring to discover the charming heart motifs that entangle to cradle the rubellite tourmaline.

Outline of a brilliant cut diamond.

Wings of My Love

If like us, you can’t choose between either, then you will love these bespoke versatile earrings. Lovingly named ‘Wing of My Love’, these spectacular earrings feature a delectable assortment of precious and semi-precious stones in imperial jadeite, diamonds, black mother of pearl and African tsavorites, set in 18ct white gold with accents of yellow gold. The contrast of gemstones for each earring has been arranged inversely yet harmonically for beautiful asymmetry. 


A ray of sunshine! A timeless precious flower piece full of brightness and vivaciousness. These one-of-a-kind statement earrings are embellished with opals that each display a unique play-of-colour. Bordering the opal is a beautiful ray of diamond brilliance.

Colour Me Butterfly

Reinvent your style with the new exquisite Butterfly earrings. Inspired by the transformative nature of the elegant butterflies, this high jewellery piece redefines the mystical form of nature’s ballerina. A delicate bodice encrusted with luminous white diamonds, fluttering with bejewelled wings of daring blue sapphires and green jade.

Outline of a brilliant cut diamond.


We’re still dreaming of opals. Fiery and irresistible to the eyes. Unique and ever entrancing. What gemstones have you fallen in love with this season? Beautifully asymmetric drop earrings featuring fiery opals with a combined weight of 8.08ct, decorated with Christmas green demantoids and sparkling diamonds.

Poppies in Love

The Poppy brooch signifies the ever-changing state of life through richly red rubies (unheated) and rainbow moonstones. The two poppy heads are encrusted with contrasting tones, one poppy covered in rubies with a total weight of 13.2ct rubies and the other set with 12.62ct moonstone. The bejewelled stem bonding the two poppies features 3ct tsavorites and 2.06ct diamonds.

Hope Springs New Life

A versatile jewel that represents the bridge between the changing seasons. As autumn approaches nature’s florals and foliage make way for rebirth. The ‘Hope Springs New Life’ features a detachable jadeite brooch adornment, which is a symbol of revival. This neckpiece features icy white rock crystals, scintillating blossoms of yellow sapphires, dewdrops of diamonds and veins of tsavorites, set in bark-textured 18ct black gold.
Outline of a brilliant cut diamond.

Buddleia Heart

Inspired by its namesake flower, Buddleia is a bespoke design translating the delicate cluster floral forms into a wearable jewel. The necklace features a heart-cut rubellite set in a bejewelled bed of dazzling diamonds and summer pink sapphires set in 18ct rose gold.

Fei's bespoke Green Tourmaline Feather Neckpiece and Earrings.

Green Tourmaline Feather Set

A statement neckpiece to dazzle and feel like a million pounds. This neckpiece comprises of 509ct green tourmaline beads, with faceted 19.6ct green garnets and 17.7ct diamonds. The diamond-set feather detaches for wearing as an independent brooch. Winner of the IJL Editor’s Choice Award 2015.

Imperial Wave Ring

A sapphire diamond ring exudes luxury and old-school glamour. Entitled ‘Imperial Wave’, this ring exhibits the power and grace of water through its platinum fluid sculpture and mesmerising precious gemstones. The waves of abstractly configured brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds surround a deep blue 10ct unheated sapphire.

Outline of a brilliant cut diamond.
Bespoke 'Unicorn' Neckpiece with Russian nephrite, black and white diamonds in18ct gold.

Unicorn Neckpiece

A bespoke design where hard rock meets feminine elegance. Designed to be worn on the red carpet as well as on a motorcycle road trip.

Wear as a showpiece around the décolletage or effortlessly detach the unicorn ornament to wear independently as a brooch. Aptly titled ‘Unicorn’, this piece is an exhibition of masterful craftsmanship and a harmonious contrast of materials working in harmony. The neckpiece showcases alternating forms of raw volcanic rock and diamonds, skilfully set in articulated 18ct black gold for comfortable resting around the neckline.

In contrast, the unicorn brooch is crafted from 18ct white gold. Its face is delicately hand-carved from Russian nephrite, whilst its gorgeous articulated mane shines with luscious diamonds.

Kingfisher Earrings

The Kingfisher feathers and are from the hairpiece of a concubine during the Qin Dynasty dating back 200BC. For over 2,000 years the Chinese have been using the iridescent blue feathers of kingfisher birds as an inlay for fine art objects and adornment. Fei’s earrings feature a fine lattice of platinum forming a structure onto which antique kingfisher hair pins are positioned. Diamonds and turquoise highlight the vivid colour of the kingfisher feathers. Winner of the Lonmin design innovation award 2011.
Fei Liu bespoke Kingfisher Earrings. Winner of the The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.

Ruby Helix Ring

This ‘Ruby Helix Ring’ has gone through eight months of design and manufacturing. The alluring centre stone is a 10ct unheated Mozambique ruby. 5ct hand-cut white diamonds decorate the twisting frame of 18ct white gold. Featured in jewellery specialist’s, Joanna Hardy‘s, ‘Ruby’ book.
Outline of a brilliant cut diamond.

Pink Tourmaline Neckpiece

Exotic forms and colours combine in this custom piece. An articulated oval hollowed formed neckpiece made out of 18ct rose gold with pebble-shaped piercings bordered with diamonds. This bold and vibrant piece coveys a beach party in form of a bejewelled neckpiece. Featuring uniform hues of pink tourmalines interspersed with dazzling diamonds and decorated with textured rose gold leaves with diamond-set veins.

Fei Liu Pink Tourmaline Neckpiece

Australian Opal Poppy Brooch

An enchanting masterpiece inspired by nature’s poppy flower. The adorning brooch is aptly named ‘Poppy’ and centres around the heirloom jade worth £80k. It showcases expert craftsmanship and a beautiful arrangement of gemstones from around the world.

The natural form and likeness of the poppy petals were intricately hand-carved from a single stone of Australian opal. Meanwhile, the stem and anthers glisten with tsavorites and yellow and white diamonds.

Read more about the painstaking making process of the poppy brooch in our blog.

Gothic Rubellite Neckpiece

Striking and spectacular. A gothic ensemble comprising pink and red gemstones – the colours of passion. Crafted in 18ct rose gold, the collar is a three-dimension hollow form with a twisted structure and a jour to give the piece a lightness and draw in the shadows. The collar contentedly sits around the décolletage due to the design of the articulated collar.

The rose gold frame is strikingly complemented with intense pear-cut rubellite embedded in waves of pink sapphire and subtle shimmers of brilliant diamonds.

Fei's bespoke Gothic Rubellite Neckpiece with pink sapphires and diamonds.
Outline of a brilliant cut diamond.
Fei Liu bespoke Aeon Earrings in platinum. Winner of The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.

Aeon Earrings

Timeless by name and definition, a pair of bespoke earrings entitled ‘Aeon’. The Aeon earrings give a new lease of life to porcelain. For this bespoke piece, we have rejuvenated traditional antique blue and white porcelain acquired from the China Qing Dynasty. Each piece of porcelain features a dragon and phoenix, framed with lattice platinum with linear pavé accents.

In Chinese mythology, the dragon and the phoenix are two of the most powerful symbols of success and prosperity. In Feng Shui, they are considered the ultimate symbol of love and life as a couple.

Winner of the International Platinum Jewellery Designer Lonmin Innovation Award.

Yellow and White Diamond Set

A lacy number crafted from the finest diamonds. Luxurious in look and feel, this platinum jewellery set drips in fancy yellow and white diamonds. It evokes a powerful vision of femininity within the delicate asymmetric floral motifs and dazzling precious stones.

Striking jewels when worn together and independently. The platinum earrings and necklace feature cushion-cut fancy yellow diamonds with a total weight of 40ct. The statement earrings are bold in dimensions yet weightless by design for maximum comfort. With a slight curvature to the lacy formation, the diamonds will shimmer with everlasting brilliance. By design, the necklace comfortably hugs the décolletage.