Fei Liu

Fei Liu is a renowned jewellery designer who has been creating exquisite pieces for over a decade. His bespoke creations are sought after by clients all around the world. Recently, one of his bespoke pieces, the Crab ring, has caught the attention of an illustrator who has interpreted it into a stunning piece of art.
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The Crab ring is a unique piece of jewellery that features a beautifully detailed crab with sparkling diamonds in its claws. The ring is crafted from 18ct rose gold and features a baroque pearl full of lustre. Jewellery illustrator, Célia Fabbri, was inspired by the intricate design of the crab ring. She was captivated by the way the crab seemed to come to life on the ring, with its detailed claws and legs. Célia decided to use the ring as the subject of one of her illustrations. Célia’s artistic interpretation of the crab ring is nothing short of breath-taking. She has captured the essence and vivacity of the ring perfectly, with her use of colour. The use of colour and layering of flowers in Célia’s illustration adds life and harmony to the piece, which is a perfect complement to the elegant and sophisticated design of the crab ring. Fei was thrilled when he saw Célia’s interpretation of his crab ring. He was impressed by her skill and creativity, and he was delighted that his creation had inspired her to create such a beautiful piece of art. Fei Liu believes that jewellery is a form of art, and he is thrilled that his bespoke pieces are inspiring artists like Célia to create their own masterpieces. Fei’s creations are not just jewellery, they are works of art, and he is thrilled that his creations inspire and become masterpieces in alternative mediums. Can you spot the other pieces by Fei in this beautiful illustration? *The artist, Célia Fabbri, was permitted by Fei Liu, the creator of the bespoke crab ring, to use the ring as the subject of her illustration. No intellectual property rights were infringed upon in the creation of this artwork.