Fei Liu


Jadeite is highly prized in East Asian for its water-like translucency. As a jewellery brand with a fusion of East and West, our designer Fei Liu only had one thing in his mind, when he caught eyes of two pieces of antique jadeite.

Entitled ‘Jadeite Cloud & Wind’, these antique jadeite pieces have been turned into naturistic earrings and have been featured in Solitaire Magazine.

Read on for a little more behind-the-scenes of the succulent earrings. The jadeite was specially hand-carved for this pair of earrings, which were designed in 2015 as part of a special one-off exhibition to celebrate the Fei Liu Fine Jewellery’s 10th anniversary.

The asymmetric jadeite features a carved phoenix and dragon and embellished with cloud contours of yellow and white gold, set with white diamonds, blue sapphires, purple amethysts and demantoid garnet.

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