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Award-winning British brand Fei Liu Fine Jewellery expands to Europe after Inhorgenta debut

The designer jewellery brand made their European exhibition debut in Germany. For the international stage, the brand launched their new 18ct gold Nova Collection, as well as showcasing their iconic and popular collections.

At Inhorgenta, buyers were captivated by the premium feminine designs of Fei Liu Fine Jewellery. The brand’s effortlessly wearable jewels really hit the tastes of the European market. Especially the gold collections, which were highly sought after due to the delicacy of the designs.

The brand’s vibrant 18ct gold collection Whispering was the star of the show.

The Alyssum Collection, since its release in 2017 has quickly become one of the bestsellers and was high on the demand list of Inhorgenta.

Once again, Fei Liu Fine Jewellery’s iconic Cascade Collection proved its timeless beauty, with its intricate and flowy design.

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery’s debut proved a success and the brand look forward to exhibiting in 2019.