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Fancy-cut diamonds, also known as fancy-shaped diamonds, bring an alternative option from the tradition round brilliant cut. Gem cutters fashion these diamonds into diverse shapes that showcase their unique traits and individual charm. Each fancy-cut diamond possesses its own distinct allure, proving a popular choice for those seeking a touch of sophistication and personality in their jewellery.

Brilliant Cut

The brilliant cut stands as the most renowned and widely acknowledged diamond shape. It boasts an exceptional sparkle and fire, derived from the meticulous arrangement of facets that optimise the diamond’s ability to reflect light. The round brilliant cut, consisting of 58 facets, has been expertly designed to unleash the diamond’s brilliance to the fullest, making it a timeless choice for engagement rings and other refined jewellery pieces.

Oval Cut

The oval cut presents an elegant and elongated shape that fuses the brilliance of the round cut with a distinctive and refined appearance. Its elongated form creates the illusion of longer, more slender fingers when nestled in a ring. The oval cut offers a splendid combination of fire and brilliance, with its proportions allowing individuals to select between a more slender or rounded look.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is characterised by its sharp corners and square or rectangular shape. This cut maximises brilliance while retaining a contemporary and modern aesthetic. Featuring clean lines and arresting sparkle, the princess cut remains a sought-after choice for engagement rings and other jewellery pieces, appealing to those who desire a blend of classic and modern influences.

Asscher Cut

The asscher cut, renowned for its distinct “hall of mirrors” effect, is a step-cut diamond. With a square shape and cropped corners, it exhibits a striking play of light and dark facets that cultivate a beguiling, vintage-inspired look. The asscher cut often evokes a sense of timeless elegance, rendering it a favoured choice for those who appreciate a hint of Art Deco allure.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut, another step-cut diamond, possesses a rectangular shape and truncated corners. In contrast to brilliant cuts that accentuate sparkle, the emerald cut presents a more serene beauty, with its large, open facets generating a “hall of mirrors” effect. This cut highlights the diamond’s clarity and transparency, making it an excellent selection for showcasing flawless, transparent stones.

Pear Cut

The pear cut, also referred to as the teardrop cut, marries the elegance of the round brilliant and the marquise cuts. It features a rounded end that tapers to a point, resembling a droplet of water. This cut offers a distinctive and versatile appearance, affording the wearer the choice of wearing the diamond with the point facing upwards or downwards. The pear cut is frequently employed in pendants and earrings, infusing a touch of sophistication and individuality into jewellery designs.

In conclusion, fancy-cut diamonds encompass an extensive range of shapes, each possessing its own unique personality and traits. Whether adored by the brilliant sparkle of a round cut, the regal elegance of an emerald cut, or the contemporary allure of a princess cut, there exists a fancy-cut diamond to cater to every individual’s style and inclination. These diamonds not only epitomise exceptional craftsmanship but also offer a personalised touch that can render your jewellery truly exceptional and distinctive.