Fei Liu


Diamond Dreams

A delicate masterpiece fashioned from the most exquisite diamonds, this platinum jewellery set exudes opulence in both appearance and touch. Drenched in a combination of fancy yellow and white diamonds, it conjures a compelling vision of femininity through its intricate asymmetric floral motifs and dazzling gemstones.

These jewels make a striking impact whether worn together or separately. The platinum earrings and necklace showcase cushion-cut fancy yellow diamonds with a combined weight of 40ct. The statement earrings, while bold in dimensions, are ingeniously designed to be weightless for maximum comfort. The slight curvature in the lacy arrangement ensures the diamonds shimmer with enduring brilliance. The necklace, designed to gracefully embrace the décolletage, adds a touch of elegance to any attire.

Lily of the Valley Neckpiece

The epitome of sophistication, this bespoke multi-layered platinum neckpiece, masterfully crafted to evoke the delicate beauty of lily of the valley motifs. Each layer of platinum gracefully cascades, adorned with a radiant array of diamonds that accentuate the intricate floral details, creating a truly unique masterpiece.

Starburst Earrings

Glowing within our Starburst Earrings crafted from 18ct black gold is a regal asscher-cut diamond, lending luminosity to this custom creation. Dazzling with an arrangement of sparkling diamonds, this bespoke piece is designed to emulate the celestial brilliance of the night stars.