Fei Liu


On Saturday 6th May 2023 the United Kingdom celebrate the coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort. As the date draws near, excitement is building for this historic moment in the history of the monarchy.

The coronation of a new monarch is a significant event, steeped in tradition and rich with symbolism. It is a moment that marks the transition of power from Her Majesty The Late Queen to King Charles III and is a key moment in the life of the nation.

As we prepare to witness this historic event, many of us are looking for ways to commemorate the occasion and show our support for the new monarch.

To mark this special occasion, we have released a beautiful and charming pendant. This limited-edition pendant was inspired by the royal crown and is complete with intricate detailing crafted in sterling silver.

Not only is this pendant charm a beautiful and stylish piece of jewellery, it also has a significant historical significance. The crown that it replicates is a symbol of the monarchy and the rich history of the United Kingdom, and wearing it is a way to honour that history, growth and pay tribute to the new manarchy.

The coronation of King Charles III with Camilla, Queen Consort is an opportunity to celebrate that history and to look forward to a new chapter in the life of the monarchy. It is a moment that will be remembered for generations to come, and one that will be cherished by all who are fortunate enough to witness it.

Order yours today and be a part of this historic moment!