Fei Liu

Colormond, the new sustainable jewellery brand, is delighted to unveil its inaugural fine jewellery collections today in the heart of London. These exquisite pieces feature a unique range of coloured lab-created diamonds

Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Stella Liu, Colormond’s mission is to redefine the world of diamond fine jewellery, making it accessible to women from all walks of life. The collections showcase laboratory-created coloured diamonds that offer both affordable and sustainable option to natura mined diamonds. A notable first for the sector, Colormond also introduces a pioneering Colour Grading system, setting a benchmark for laboratory-created diamonds.

Driven by Stella’s deep commitment to sustainable fashion, Colormond distinguishes itself by championing coloured laboratory-created diamonds, offering an eco-conscious and sustainable alternative to traditional diamond jewellery.

Stella Liu passionately states, “I want to bring the joy of wearing diamond jewellery to women across the globe and to assure them that when they make the choice of Colormond coloured lab created diamonds, they are not only choosing beauty but also helping to preserve the planet. Colormond is not just another jewellery brand.  It’s the symbol of timeless elegance, contemporary inclusivity and ethical luxury for all. It’s an exciting celebration of nature’s wonders – encapsulating my passionate belief that fashion should be accessible to everyone.”

These remarkable collections are the creation of Fei Liu, the renowned British fine jewellery designer, in collaboration with Colormond. Fei Liu, celebrated for his visionary creativity and masterful work, draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring wonders of nature, elegantly showcasing the brilliance and vibrant beauty of these remarkable stones in three distinct collections.

Designed to be accessible and affordable to all, Fei has crafted fine jewellery pieces that celebrate the diverse and dynamic lives of women worldwide, reflecting their colourful and confident spirits. Being man-made, these pieces also align with sustainable lifestyle choices, embodying a harmonious balance of beauty and responsibility.

Colormond diamonds offer an unparalleled spectrum of hues, achieved through customised colour saturation during growth, ranging from intense blues to soft pinks and captivating yellows. The availability of lab-created diamonds opens the door to an exciting array of creative fancy cuts that enhance the colour and aesthetic of each piece, including princess, cushion, emerald, pear, and marquise.

Much like creative visionaries before him, Fei Liu, mindful of today’s environmental challenges, has sought inspiration in the splendid colours found in nature. His designs are a tribute to the daily spectacle of the Southern Lights in Antarctica, with a rich array of ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues, and citrine yellows, set against the backdrop of majestic icebergs. He also draws from the delicate elegance of the eight-petalled Arctic Dryas flower. Using a palette of coloured lab-created diamonds, Fei’s creations not only encapsulate the beauty of the Antarctic landscape in a sustainable way but also raise awareness of the urgent need for its preservation.

Fei Liu eloquently explains, “Beautiful coloured diamonds with fancy cuts are the heart and soul of my designs. These fabulous colours invite women from all walks of life to shine brightly with confidence”.

Colormond’s launch is poised to redefine the landscape of fine jewellery, offering a fresh perspective that combines sustainability, affordability, and unmatched beauty. With Fei Liu’s extraordinary designs and Colormond’s commitment to ethical luxury, the future of fine jewellery is bright and accessible to all.