Fei Liu


Colormond x Fei Liu

Criss Cross

Delightfully charming and exquisitely distinctive, stars gather in
clusters to create a dazzling array of Princess-cut pink, blue, and
yellow diamonds, complemented by white diamonds. Adorn these jewels as a
joyful reminder to pursue your dreams.


From water to ice, from brightness to darkness – The Aurora Collection pays homage to the ever-evolving facets of nature, embodying the very essence of life. Drawing inspiration from Victorian refinement, dainty water droplet patterns embellished with fancy-cut pink, blue, and yellow diamonds gracefully intertwine with exquisite brilliant-cut white diamonds, all elegantly set in 18-carat gold. These pieces are designed to commemorate the cherished milestones already reached and those yet to come.


Chic and sophisticated, with a focus on symmetry – this Art Deco-inspired collection showcases emerald-cut diamonds in various shades – white, pink, blue, and yellow – intricately placed with flawless white diamonds in 18-carat white gold. These remarkable designs, comprised of intricate patterns, serve as precious charms – offering a comforting sense of consistency.

Colormond x Fei Liu

In collaboration with sustainable jewellery brand, Colormond, Fei Liu has designed three fancy lab-grown diamonds collections to celebrate the vibrant, multi-faceted lives of women from all walks of life – reflecting their colourful, confident lives. And being man-made, these pieces also inspire and support sustainable lifestyle choices.

The Colormond diamonds offer an exceptional spectrum of hues. The colour palette, created through customised colour saturation during growth, ranges from the intense to the delicate in striking blues, soft pinks and captivating yellows. Thanks to their ease of availability, lab created diamonds open the door to an inspiring collective of creative fancy cuts to amplify the colour and aesthetic of each piece – including princess, cushion, emerald, pear and marquise.