Fei Liu

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Assemble a jewellery collection with Fei’s signature pieces. From earrings for all occasions to multiway jewellery, discover pieces set with your favourite gemstones and expertly crafted. Each design interprets Fei’s design philosophy of colour, sculpture and femininity into everyday wearables.

Gold Collections


Limited Edition >

One-of-a-kind pieces that you can truly call yours. Each design captures the beauty of individuality in superbly sculpted silhouettes encrusted with the finest handpicked gemstones.

Dawn >

Beautifully textured pieces inspired by the vivacity of the coral reef. A construe of the colourful life through pearls and faceted stones set in detailed 18ct gold.

Victoriana emerald cut ring and mini ring in blue topaz 18ct white gold and purple amethyst 18ct rose gold.

Victoriana >

Exceptional gemstone cuts of the octagon and the elongated emerald create the focal elements of the Victoriana Collection. Each design comes available in blue topaz, citrine and purple amethyst.

Whispering >

Inspired by the feminine form and exotic colours of the orchid flower, the Whispering Collection presents a sumptuous assortment of colourful gemstones set in filigree ornated settings intricately crafted in 18ct gold.

Silver Collections

Bubble >

Embodying the iridescent beauty and playful charm of bubbles, cherish your most special occasions with the exquisite pieces from this silver collection.

Lilia >

A stunning tribute to the beauty and symbol of the lotus flower, embodying the spirit of resilience, growth, and purity that the lotus represents.

Magnolia >

A capsule collection blossoming with pink and grey cat's eye quartz, and dewdrops of hearts and arrows cut cubic zirconia set in satin finished sterling silver.

Butterfly brooch and earrings resting upon purple flowers.

Butterfly >

Capturing the feminine and carefree essence of nature’s angels, the Butterfly Collection is full of life and vibrant colours.