Fei Liu

Fei Liu Sterling Silver Snoflake Collection

Snowflake Collection

Fei Liu - Snowflake Collection

Make it a white Christmas with the winter wonderland Snowflake Collection.

Stella Collection – 14ct Gold*

“Dancin’ in the moonlight~” Minimal yet sophisticated. The Stella Collection reflects the gentle motion of the moon amongst the stars. The Christmas green malachite stone rotates and twinkles with a champagne diamond set star.

Cascade Collection

A signature Fei Liu collection. Whether you want to make a state with your jewel, or something for everyday wear, the Cascade Collection will give you that special sparkle.

Nova Collection

The constellations of the stars make up the Nova Collection. Available in warm and cool tones: 18ct rose gold with mother of pearl and pink sapphires, 18ct white gold with mother of pearl and brilliant diamonds.

Victoriana Collection

  • Victoriana emerald cut ring and mini ring in blue topaz 18ct white gold and purple amethyst 18ct rose gold.
  • Victoriana large octagon cut rings with citrine, purple amethyst and blue topaz in 18ct gold.

A sumptuous flavour of gemstones to suit your personality. From blue topaz to purple amethyst, find your perfect jewel companion with our 18ct gold Victoriana Collection.