Fei Liu


Charming Creatures

In the opulent world of couture jewellery, where extravagance knows no bounds, a transcendent collection emerges, paying homage to the unparalleled beauty of the animal kingdom. Each piece, an exquisite symphony of craftsmanship and inspiration, transforms precious metals and gemstones into bedazzled adornments that transcend mere accessories. Join us as we unveil the regal allure of these high jewellery pieces, each a testament to the unparalleled artistry that resides in the heart of nature.

Crab Ring

Dive into the depths of oceanic splendour with the Crab Ring—an embodiment of aquatic grace and opulence. Expertly crafted in 18ct rose gold, this cocktail ring captures the intricacies of the underwater realm, featuring a resplendent display of pearls and diamonds. Adorning oneself with this aquatic marvel is an invitation to partake in the sublime dance of elegance that unfolds beneath the waves.

Swan Brooch

The Swan Brooch reigns supreme, a resplendent symbol of regality and grace. Intricate feathers, delicately fashioned from the most brilliant diamonds, cascade down the majestic neck adorned with the finest gemstones. This brooch is an embodiment of timeless allure, an nod to the majestic beauty of swans.

Conveying the vibrant journey through the tropical rainforests, the aviary-inspired pieces were born, a testament to nature’s flamboyant splendour. Immaculately adorned with the finest selection of precious and semi-precious gemstones, including opals, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. These bird inspired pieces are a riot of colours, capturing the exotic allure of these majestic creatures.

Unicorn Neckpiece/Brooch

In the world of fantasy with the Unicorn Neckpiece/Brooch, a pièce de résistance that seamlessly melds mythical splendour with unparalleled design. The unicorn, a symbol of purity and grace, is immortalised in this extraordinary creation. Adorned with the rarest diamonds, textured rock and Russian nephrite, this neckpiece/brooch is a testament to the imagination’s power.

Colour Me Butterfly Earrings

Emanating inspiration from the enchanting metamorphosis of butterflies, these earrings redefine the mystical allure of nature’s ballerina. Adorned with a delicate bodice adorned in luminous white diamonds, the earrings feature bejewelled wings crafted from daring blue sapphires and green jade, capturing the transformative beauty of these elegant creatures.