Fei Liu



Fei Liu's bespoke Green Tourmaline Feather Neckpiece sketch.

Design is a process – Fei Liu

With over 15 years of experience in creating bespoke jewellery, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with clients across continents to tailor jewellery to enhance their individuality. From rejuvenating heirlooms to designing a completely new piece, we create a design journey with you and inspired by you.

Scroll the gallery below to see the variety of bespoke jewellery we have created, ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches.


For something more tailored to your taste, please get in touch via the contact form. We would love to help you create your dream jewel. Please remember to check your junk folder for our response, just in case.

Upon agreement with the design, a 50% deposit is required. The production time is dependent on the complexity of the design. Please bear this in mind when contacting us for bespoke work.

Tel: +44 (0)121 233 1299

Fei's bespoke Green Tourmaline Feather Neckpiece and Earrings.

Award-Winning Bespoke Pieces

With an illustrious history of being recognised as an exceptional designer, Fei Liu is renowned for his unparalleled creativity and dedication to perfection. His award-winning bespoke pieces reflects a harmonious blend of innovation and artistry, earning him prestigious accolades in the world of jewellery.

Bedazzled Blooms

Enter the enchanted gardens and explore the bedazzled blooms by Fei Liu. Every piece breathes life into nature, featuring floral silhouettes adorned with vibrant gemstones, capturing the essence of natural beauty.

Fei Liu Yellow and White Neckpiece.

Charming Creatures

Discover the stunning array of animal-inspired jewellery, from heavenly birds to regal swans, expertly crafted to capture not only the essence of each creature but also to resonate with the unique personalities of our clients.

Royal Poppies

Step into the beautifully poppy-scattered landscapes and discover the inspired creations they have sparked. Each piece adeptly captures the distinctive essence of the regal flower, brought to life through an array of the most splendid gemstones.

The Extraordinary

From intricately detailed gemstone arrangements to uniquely tailored settings, our creations captivate with an allure that goes beyond conventional expectations. Our bespoke pieces not only showcase Fei’s technical mastery but also tell a story, embodying the essence of individuality and luxury. In the world of bespoke jewellery, Fei stands as a luminary, weaving dreams into meticulously crafted, extraordinary masterpieces.