Fei Liu's bespoke Green Tourmaline Feather Neckpiece sketch.

"Design is a process" - Fei Liu

Every bespoke masterpiece begins with an idea. Whether the client has a strong vision of what they want or a design created with a stone they have collected, our designer Fei will collaborate thoughts with the client to create their dream jewellery. To design the client’s ultimate masterpiece, Fei will learn about their personality. As well as, the client’s style and interest. With all the information in hand, Fei is able to design a piece the client’s perfect bespoke piece.

Bespoke Enquiry

For something more tailored to your taste, please get in touch via the provided contact form. We would love to help you create your dream jewel.

Before we start production, we ask for a 50% deposit. Please also bear in mind, the production can take between 6-8 weeks and is dependent on the complexity of the design.

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Green Tourmaline Feather Set

A neckpiece set with 509ct tourmaline beads. Each varying in size.

Moreover, 17.7ct white diamonds and 19.6ct green garnets add texture and contrast against the smooth beads.

The versatility of this neckpiece means the feather centrepiece can be worn independantly as a brooch, which is detachable from the beaded neclace. Winner of the IJL Editor’s Choice Award 2015.

Fei's bespoke Green Tourmaline Feather Neckpiece and Earrings.

The Imperial Wave Ring

A platinum ring featuring a 10ct unheated sapphire.

Set with waves of 8ct brilliant cut and baguette diamonds,

Unicorn Neckpiece

Designed to wear on the red carpet as well as on the motorbike.

This neckpiece combines volcanic rock and black diamonds set in 18ct black gold.

In contrast, the 18ct white gold mane articulate and radiates with diamonds. Hand-carved Russian nephrite makes the Unicorn’s face.

Bespoke 'Unicorn' Neckpiece with Russian nephrite, black and white diamonds in18ct gold.

Ruby Helix Ring

This ‘Ruby Helix Ring’ has gone through eight months of design and manufacturing.

The alluring centre stone is a 10ct unheated Mozambique ruby. 5ct hand-cut white diamonds decorate the twisting frame of 18ct white gold.

Featured in jewellery specialist’s, Joanna Hardy‘s, ‘Ruby’ book.

Kingfisher Earrings

Hollow platinum cage earrings set with turquoise and diamonds.

The Kingfisher feathers and are from the hairpiece of a concubine. During the Qin Dynasty dating 200BC. Winner of the Lonmin design innovation award 2011.

Fei Liu bespoke Kingfisher Earrings. Winner of the The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.

103ct Tanzanite Neckpiece

A dramatic neckpiece featuring a 103ct pear cut tanzanite stone.

Surrounding the tanzanite are billowing swirls of 18ct white gold.

Set with blue sapphires, white diamonds and cabochon jadeite. The pendant is removable, allowing the wearer to wear as a brooch.

Pink Tourmaline Neckpiece

18ct rose gold textures leaves with veins of white diamonds.

The rows of pink tourmalines were hand-picked. Resulting in a uniform pink hue. Interspersed through the vivid tourmalines are white diamonds.

Fei Liu Pink Tourmaline Neckpiece

Opal Poppy Brooch

This design is focused on jade.

The Opal Poppy Brooch required complex craftsmanship to construct and assemble. The jade alone is work £80k.

Each component of the poppy-inspired brooch consists of varying materials. The centre of the flower comprises of the traditional jade. As well as stamens of yellow diamonds. In addition, hand-carved Australian opals embrace the inner parts of the poppy. To imitate raindrops, white diamonds sit atop the delicate petals. Finally, the stem is set with green garnets before the assembling of the brooch.

Read more about the ingenuity of poppy brooch’s craftsmanship on our blog.

24ct Tanzanite Neckpiece

An 18ct white gold neckpiece, featuring a 24ct cushion tanzanite.

Furthermore, different cuts of white diamonds, twists of green garnets surround the central tanzanite.

The Fountain of True Beauty Neckpiece

A collaboration piece for Chow Tai Fook’s 85th Anniversary.

Inspired by the flowers and the flowing water. Portraying the cascading water is the sophisticated silhouettes of platinum.

Likewise, dozens of blossoming calla lilies and lily of the valley flower through the sea of platinum.

Furthermore, ‘The Fountain of True Beauty’ brings to life the limitless facets of a woman’s true beauty and personality.

Gothic Rubellite Neckpiece

An 18ct rose gold neckpiece, featuring seven intense pear cut rubellite.

Furthermore, it is set amongst waves of sparkling pave pink sapphire and white diamonds.

Fei's bespoke Gothic Rubellite Neckpiece with pink sapphires and diamonds.

Yellow and White Diamond Set

Platinum earrings and pendant set featuring 40ct cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds.

Likewise, this vintage-inspired set with modern appeal blossoms with diamond-set asymmetric floral motifs.

Aeon Earrings

A lattice platinum pair of earrings with linear pavé accents.

Featuring traditional antique blue and white porcelain, acquired from the China Qing Dynasty.

Winner of the International Platinum Jewellery Designer Lonmin Innovation Award.

Fei Liu bespoke Aeon Earrings in platinum. Winner of The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.

Tourmaline Starburst Ring

18ct white gold ring featuring a 20ct green tourmaline.

Surrounded by a flowerer petal style panel and spokes. Set with 1.60ct diamonds and 0.30ct green garnets.