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Fei Liu's bespoke Green Tourmaline Feather Neckpiece sketch.

Design is a process - Fei Liu

Every creation begins with an idea. Whether you have a strong vision of what you want or the heirloom you want to give a new life, then we are happy to help. If you like our style and want to add your own essence, then contact us for a chat. We create jewels to enhance the individual spirit of each individual. Our jewellery designer, Fei, is happy to chat to help you design a piece to fit your personality and style.

Bespoke Enquiry

For something more tailored to your taste, please get in touch via the provided contact form. We would love to help you create your dream jewel.

Before we start production, we ask for a 50% deposit. The production can take between 6-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. Please bear this in mind when contacting us for bespoke work.

Email: online@feiliufinejewellery.com

Tel: +44 (0)121 233 1299

Poppies in Love

The Poppy brooch signifies the ever-changing state of life through richly coloured rubies (unheated) and opalescent moonstones. The two poppy heads are each encrusted with 13.2ct rubies, 12.62ct moonstone, and a bejewelled stem featuring 3ct tsavorites and 2.06ct diamonds.

Hope Springs New Life

A versatile jewel that represents the bridge between the changing seasons. As autumn approaches nature’s florals and foliage make way for rebirth. The ‘Hope Springs New Life’ features a detachable jadeite brooch adornment, which is a symbol of revival. This neckpiece features icy white rock crystals, scintillating blossoms of yellow sapphires, dewdrops of diamonds and veins of tsavorites, set in bark-textured 18ct black gold.

Buddleia Heart Necklace

A custom design, entitled ‘Buddleia’. Featuring a heart cut rubellite set in a bed of bejewelled 18ct rose gold floral forms set with dazzling diamonds and summer pink sapphires.
Fei's bespoke Green Tourmaline Feather Neckpiece and Earrings.

Green Tourmaline Feather Set

A statement neckpiece to dazzle and feel like a million pounds. This neckpiece comprises of 509ct green tourmaline beads, with faceted 19.6ct green garnets and 17.7ct diamonds. The diamond-set feather detaches for wearing as an independent brooch.

Winner of the IJL Editor’s Choice Award 2015.

Imperial Wave Ring

A platinum ring featuring a 10ct unheated sapphire. Set with waves of 8ct brilliant cut and baguette diamonds.

Bespoke 'Unicorn' Neckpiece with Russian nephrite, black and white diamonds in18ct gold.

Unicorn Neckpiece

Design to be worn on the red carpet as well as when riding motorbike.

This neckpiece combines volcanic rock and black diamonds set in 18ct black gold.

In contrast, the 18ct white gold mane articulate and radiates with diamonds. Hand-carved Russian nephrite makes the Unicorn’s face.

Kingfisher Earrings

The Kingfisher feathers and are from the hairpiece of a concubine during the Qin Dynasty dating back 200BC.

For over 2,000 years the Chinese have been using the iridescent blue feathers of kingfisher birds as an inlay for fine art objects and adornment. Fei’s earrings feature a fine lattice of platinum forming a structure onto which antique kingfisher hair pins are positioned. Diamonds and turquoise highlight the vivid colour of the kingfisher feathers.

Winner of the Lonmin design innovation award 2011.

Fei Liu bespoke Kingfisher Earrings. Winner of the The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.

Ruby Helix Ring

This ‘Ruby Helix Ring’ has gone through eight months of design and manufacturing. The alluring centre stone is a 10ct unheated Mozambique ruby. 5ct hand-cut white diamonds decorate the twisting frame of 18ct white gold. Featured in jewellery specialist’s, Joanna Hardy‘s, ‘Ruby’ book.

Pink Tourmaline Neckpiece

18ct rose gold textures leaves with veins of white diamonds.

The rows of pink tourmalines were hand-picked. Resulting in a uniform pink hue. Interspersed through the vivid tourmalines are white diamonds.

Fei Liu Pink Tourmaline Neckpiece

Opal Poppy Brooch

A brooch comprising of traditional materials, showcasing intricate craftsmanship.

The poppy-inspired brooch has at its centrepiece a traditional jade worth £80k. The surrounding materials create the likeness of the poppy flower. These include the rare Australian opals, yellow and white diamonds.

Read more about the ingenuity of our poppy brooch’s craftsmanship on our blog.

Gothic Rubellite Neckpiece

An 18ct rose gold neckpiece, featuring seven intense pear cut rubellites. Set amongst the rubellites are sparkling waves of pink sapphires and white diamonds.
Fei's bespoke Gothic Rubellite Neckpiece with pink sapphires and diamonds.
Fei Liu bespoke Aeon Earrings in platinum. Winner of The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.

Aeon Earrings

A lattice platinum pair of earrings with linear pavé accents.

Featuring traditional antique blue and white porcelain, acquired from the China Qing Dynasty.

Winner of the International Platinum Jewellery Designer Lonmin Innovation Award.

Yellow and White Diamond Set

Luxurious platinum earrings and necklace set, featuring 40ct cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds.

Asymmetric floral motifs embody these lacy numbers. This platinum earrings and necklace set sparkles with yellow and white diamonds.