Fei Liu


Bedazzled Blooms

Buddleia Neckpiece

Captivated by the ethereal beauty of its namesake blossom, Buddleia emerges as a captivating masterpiece, seamlessly weaving the intricate floral tapestry into a eye-catching wearable jewel. The necklace unveils a heart-cut rubellite, cradled in a bed of resplendent diamonds and summer pink sapphires, each gem a radiant echo of a sun-kissed garden. Set against the warm embrace of 18ct rose gold, Buddleia becomes a spellbinding ode to nature’s grace, inviting those who wear it to step into an enchanted realm where elegance and botanical allure intertwine.

Chrysanthemum Brooch

A resplendent Chrysanthemum Brooch adorned with a verdant emerald at its heart, surrounded by petals fashioned from radiant orange sapphires, glistening white diamonds, and the warm glow of yellow diamonds. The exquisite ombré is perfected with a delicate touch of tsavorites, harmonising in sublime beauty with the emerald.

Chrysanthemum brooch with 14ct emerald, yellow diamonds, orange sapphires and tsavorites in 18ct yellow gold
Fei Liu Pink Tourmaline Neckpiece

Pink Tourmaline Neckpiece

Behold an enchanting masterpiece – an articulated oval neckpiece crafted from 18ct rose gold. Adorned with pebble-shaped piercings and diamonds, this vibrant creation embodies a beach party in jewel form. Pink tourmalines, diamonds, and textured rose gold leaves with diamond-set veins intertwine, creating a spellbinding and compact symphony of bold elegance.

Sunflower Earrings

Radiant as a sunbeam, these timeless flower-inspired earrings exude brightness and vivacity. Each unique opal in this one-of-a-kind statement piece displays a eye-catching play of colours, complemented by a border of exquisite diamond brilliance.

Orchid Ring/Brooch

The luxuriously feminine Orchid Brooch Ring. Featuring a captivating 2ct pear-cut pink diamond at its centre, this opulent piece is adorned with pavé diamonds and pink sapphires, complemented by scattered pear-cut pink sapphires, all meticulously set in lustrous 18ct rose gold.