Fei Liu


Award-Winning Bespoke Jewellery

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery stands as a beacon of excellence in the jewellery world, where each piece is a testament to the unrivalled craftsmanship and artistic vision of Fei Liu himself. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of design and innovation, Fei Liu’s creations have garnered prestigious accolades that underscore the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality and aesthetic brilliance. Every award-winning piece is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary flair, reflecting Fei Liu’s ability to seamlessly blend cultural influences with modern design elements.

Green Feather Tourmaline Necklace

A stunning neckpiece designed to captivate and exude opulence. Crafted with 509ct of green tourmaline beads, complemented by faceted 19.6ct of green garnets and 17.7ct of diamonds. The detachable diamond-set feather allows it to be worn as a standalone brooch. Proud recipient of the IJL Editor’s Choice Award in 2015.

Fei Liu Allure Ring in platinum - winner of The Lonmin Design Innovation Award 2011

Allure Ring Pendant

The Allure Ring Pendant, inspired by seduction, features a floral platinum design with a 2.59ct square emerald cut diamond and diamond pave. The central diamond captures attention, and the platinum’s structural brilliance allows for a dramatic yet refined and light appearance. The strength of platinum adds a three-dimensional quality, resulting in an elegantly alluring and detailed ring.

Kingfisher Earrings

For over 2,000 years, the Chinese have adorned fine art objects with the iridescent blue feathers of kingfisher birds, dating back to the Qin Dynasty. Fei’s award-winning earrings feature antique kingfisher hairpins set in a platinum lattice, enhanced with diamonds and turquoise to highlight the vivid colours of the feathers. Winner of the Lonmin Design Innovation Award in 2011.

Fei Liu bespoke Kingfisher Earrings. Winner of the The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.
Fei Liu bespoke Aeon Earrings in platinum. Winner of The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.

Aeon Earrings

Named Aeon, these timeless earrings breathe new life into antique blue and white porcelain from the China Qing Dynasty. Each piece showcases intricately detailed dragons and phoenixes, framed in lattice platinum with linear pavé accents. Drawing inspiration from Chinese mythology, they symbolise success, prosperity, and the ultimate union of love. Winner of the International Platinum Jewellery Designer Lonmin Innovation Award, these earrings epitomise creative excellence.

Rock Crystal Ring & Cuff

Exquisitely hand-carved rock crystal cuff and matching ring adorned with platinum butterflies, each embellished with dazzling pavé diamond accents. This exceptional set, honoured with the prestigious IJL Editor’s Choice Awards 2013, represents the pinnacle of artistry and elegance. This ensemble seamlessly combines the ethereal beauty of rock crystal with the brilliance of pavé diamonds, making a bold and timeless statement.