About Me, Fei Liu

Fei Liu - Award-Winning Designer

Hello! My name is Fei Liu and I founded Fei Liu Fine Jewellery in 2006.

Since my childhood I have always been drawn to art, it was a form of self-expression. From an early age, I knew my life would lead to something in the creative field. Although, who knew I would end up designing my very own tiara for Miss World!

I grew up in China and came to the UK to study at the prestigious Birmingham School of Jewellery. It was during a visit to a Russian crown jewellery exhibition where I realised that I could combine my love for art with another art form to unleash my inner artist. The School of Jewellery really helped me hone in my skills and knowledge for design and traditional craftsmanship.

About Fei Liu Fine Jewellery

My team and I are based in the heart of the historic Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, which I call my home away from home.

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery represents the core of my design: feminine colourful and three-dimensional; beautiful from all angles.

The portfolio of Fei Liu Fine Jewellery’s silver and gold collections aligns with the lavishness of my bespoke jewellery, for which I am thankful in saying has been honoured with many international awards.

For the core collections, I really want to offer ladies accessible luxury jewellery. After all, like art, jewellery is a way of expression.

Over the years my inspiration has varied from flowers, coral and waterfalls to snowflakes and the billowing curls of incense smoke. They are all three-dimensional forms that I have transformed into comfortable wearable jewellery.

Fei Liu silver Cascade rings
Cascade Collection
Fei Liu bespoke Kingfisher Earrings. Winner of the The International Platinum Jewellery Design Lonmin Innovation Award.
Bespoke Kingfisher Earrings
Whispering earrings and ring with citrine and diamond in 18ct yellow gold.
Whispering Collection
Fei Liu Yellow and White Neckpiece.
Bespoke Diamond Neckpiece

Since the brand’s establishment, I have had the privilege of globally influential figures adorning our jewellery. I have also been honoured to showcase our exclusive pieces to members of The Royal Family.