Fei Liu


About Fei Liu Fine Jewellery

Jewellery is a vehicle for my self-expression. It is also intended to bring more beauty, meaning and emotional fulfilment to people.

– Fei Liu

Our Story

The story of Fei Liu Fine Jewellery begins in the heart of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, where Fei embarked on a journey to create exceptional jewellery pieces that would capture the essence of femininity and empower women who love to treat themselves.

Fei studied at the prestigious School of Jewellery in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. After honing his skills and refining his craft, Fei went on to work for an Italian jewellery brand, where he gained invaluable experience and knowledge of the industry.

Later, Fei brought his expertise to a British jewellery company, where he continued to develop his own unique style and vision. Armed with this wealth of experience, Fei set out to create his own brand, one that would embody his passion for quality, value and innovation.

With a keen eye for detail, Fei set out to create stunning pieces that would speak to the hearts of women from all walks of life. Drawing inspiration from the minute details of everyday life, each creation is carefully designed with artistic precision, resulting in truly unique and exquisite jewellery pieces.

As Fei Liu Fine Jewellery’s reputation grew, so did its loyal following of discerning women who sought to express their individuality through the brand’s unique designs. From delicate and intricate pieces to bold and statement-making jewellery, every creation was imbued with a sense of sophistication and luxury.

One of Fei’s early creations from the ‘Squashed’ collection was exhibited at The Goldsmiths’ Company exhibition, alongside renowned names such as Cartier, Fabergé, and Gerrard.

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